Monday, November 19, 2012

Jenny Sue

Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
Jenny Sue is a creative dynamo. She does it all, and with such style and playfulness- kid's books, editorial, corporate/institutional pubs, surface design, decor, greeting cards... she writes this about her creative process:
When I have visited schools, students have always liked seeing my hand-written drafts and my drawings. They have so many questions about the “how” part. I thought it would be cool to have a sketchbook for working out my drawings, collecting research and inspiration, and experimenting with medium. This could be a good way to show students my process. That was my initial motivation — very quickly, though, it became so useful to me!! I took it everywhere I went and wrote down ideas I didn’t want to forget. I also taped inspiration to my wall — photos with beautiful color combos, color studies, patterns, etc. I gathered lots of fun collage (some from my travels), refined drawings, painted little color comps and started painting. The entire journey is exciting, but painting is my favorite part!

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