Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ivan Bilibin and Maria Tatar

Thanks to Alli for recognizing this Russian illustrator on the cover of OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
Just out of art school, he became fascinated by the remote countryside and dark folk tales of Northern Russia. Later, his travels brought him to settle in Paris at the height of the Art Nouveau style,
illustrating fairy and folk tales, as well as designing stage sets for the Ballets Russes.
His illustrations, above, are from the Russian tale of "Vasilisa the Beautiful", who falls into the clutches of evil witch, Baba Yaga. Read all about it in Tatar's book, chapter 9 "Cannibalism and Oral Greed". It's not a required reading, but who could resist with a title like that?!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mary Blair watercolors

 Johnny Appleseed

Alice in  Wonderland
The Little House

Do you recognize any of these images? 

Mary Blair, member of the California Watercolor Society, did work for Disney Studios from the 1940's- 60's. Notice the range of her palette and how she uses value for dramatic effect. 
Many illustrators have cited her as an influence.