Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"Sketching is an essential part of the art making process. Drawing is thinking, sketching is planning- putting pencil to paper is how an artist arrives at ideas." --CSN
Follow this link for a nice overview of Christopher's process as he began to transform a typed manuscript into an illustrated book. Though already a well-established illustrator, this was his first children's book assignment, from Chronicle Books, published 2011. Some of the questions he asked himself:

"When sketching for this book I kept everything loose and concerned myself more with the overall story and also how to break up the words on each page. Where should the next page begin? How big should the chipmunk be? What imagery will be on this page? How is the overall pacing of the book? Are there enough little animals and big animals, close ups and wide shots? These are the kinds of questions I would try to answer while drawing." 

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